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open your mind

open your mind

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even a ninja needs his tea every omce in a while c:
smeksi bunny riven :$


Please reblog if you are a girl and have ever been made to feel ashamed of one or more of these things (wanting to prove a point to some asshole):

-your weight

-your clothing choice

-your amount of make up

-having sex

-not having sex

-breast size

-having your period

-saying no

-not appreciating catcalls 


-body hair

(via the-soda-tab-collector)

ahhhh stop it :D
lets call uncle iroh for jasmine tea
same to studying! get up and DO you what you must!

Love unter We Heart It.

Once i found a master lock, i didnt know what it was so i tried to open it up and got it at the first try, just randomly and i was like ‘what the hell is this’
Shake it!